and services that everyone or anyone could benefit from but only a few people ever purchase.

Now, there will obviously be the exceptions, some of you may recall Rubik’s Cube? However, for most products and services you need to carefully research their likely target market or audience.

Whatever it is someone is marketing the most important thing they need to understand however is who or what their target market or audience is.  Why? Well, if you know who they are you then can think about where they are.

For instance, what newspapers and magazines do they read? What TV programs do they watch? Where do they go online? Do they eat out, use takeaways or cook at home? What are their hobbies and interests? What is their socio-economic grouping likely to be?  What are their life aspirations likely to be?  What age range are they in?  Do they have a family? And so on and so forth.

Armed with this information, the real marketing experts can design a strategy to place information in the exact places where they know, based on their research, their target market is already looking.

So, do you really know who your target market is?   It’s imperative that you are talking to the right target groups.  Little point in trying to pitch swim wear in Antarctica!  Unless that is you happen to know that people who live and work there always holiday in warm sunny climes...

Target Market

Who is your target market or audience?

Now, if you answer everyone, anybody or something similar, get ready for Kim jumping up and down in an apoplectic rage!

That sort of answer suggests you really haven’t thought about the question at all. The world is littered with products

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Know your target.