We recently changed bank and the whole thing ended up in a mess, as a consequence all of our regular payment instructions were cancelled.

Our insurance broker, whom we hadn’t heard from in years, called. Their call was doubtless motivated by their desire to maintain their commission income on our insurance policies. We were not impressed when they also took the time to enquire if we had any “needs”. Even if we had, we’d have said no.

An associate of ours was recently led a merry dance by a major insurer who couldn’t tell him what the money they had been collecting for the previous heaven only knows how many years was for. In the end, they advised cancelling the payment instruction so that default notices would be generated from whatever system was responsible for processing the policy concerned.

Ever noticed that you get a free phone number that’s promptly answered when you want to buy something and a national rate number so you can pay them to listen to muzak when you have a customer service query?

Ever noticed that your insurance renewal always arrives a very short time before the renewal date?

The list goes on and on.  You doubtless could add a myriad similar examples from your own experience.

Average to poor customer service is pretty much the norm these days. Anyone offering a more personal customer relationship experience will easily steal a march on their supposed competitors.

How good are you at keeping in touch and talking to your customers and prospects, or do you only contact them when you want to sell them something?

Talk (To Me Please....)

Do you enjoy talking to call centres? How about navigating labyrinth web sites so you can contact Customer Services? Do you love FAQ’s? The answer is probably no and guess what, you’re not alone.

Ever noticed that when you don’t pay them, they know how to contact you, and quickly too?

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It's good to talk.....