Always keep in mind that:

People do not want the things they need and they mostly don’t need the things they want.

A properly structured marketing strategy will include how to:

Speaking generally, people do not get a buzz out of paying for things things they need.  Things which by and large they have little choice but to pay for.

The money that people have left over, including any credit facilities they can access, is their fun money!  It’s the money that they can decide how they spend. A good deal of marketing effort goes into attracting this money and it is reasonably likely that whatever your product, service or proposition that you are competing for this same spend.



This section is by necessity only a brief overview of the role that marketing plays in business today.

Hopefully we have given you sufficient insight to begin to ask yourself questions about how you and your business, products and/or service can be marketed?

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Ahh... Now I understand!