when we heard one MLM Rock Star promoting the benefits of a company’s products or services, a company they were enjoying great success with.

If you are currently involved in an MLM opportunity, what do you think would happen if one of your MLM’s own Super Stars upped and left for another MLM company? How many of their downline would follow? Would others, not in their current downline, also follow them?

Do you think your Super Stars would be successful in their new company?  Do you think that some of the people who followed them would be successful? Do you think the company they had moved to would enjoy greater success because of your former Super Star’s involvement?

The answer to all of these questions is probably yes.

What does any of this have to do with the product or service being sold in their new MLM? Answer, absolutely nothing.  The product or service just needs to be good enough.

Get in early enough on just about any opportunity that is being endorsed by an MLM Rock Star and yes sure you may grow quicker than you might otherwise. Leave it just a little too long and the wow factor will have evaporated and you’ll find it just as challenging to build a team as you did in your previous MLM business. More importantly, so will your downline.

In many of these cases it is not the MLM products or services that matter, it’s the endorsement from the MLM Rock Star that drives the rapid growth, in the short term at least.  Meanwhile of course, those people who follow the MLM Rock Star are contributing to their celebrity upline’s commission. Who do you think stands to benefit most from this lemming like behaviour?



Rock Stars

We heard a lovely phrase recently about MLM Rock Stars. What on earth is one of them you may ask?

A MLM Rock Star is a celebrity by any other name.  Someone recognised for their repeated success across different MLM opportunities or as an industry leader, writer or speaker.

This took an interesting twist recently

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What's an MLM Rock Star?