strategies.  There is a whole marketing-mix that may be used, including newspapers, magazines, radio, TV , Internet, billboard and vehicle advertising, product placement, sponsorships, PR, etc ,etc.

Highlighting the role that celebrity endorsements can play in enhancing the chances of success for a product or service is just a way to help you understand that having the greatest product or service in the marketplace is no guarantee of success. If no one knows about your product or service, or you are talking to the wrong people, it doesn’t matter how good what you are offering is.

Leading on your product or service is likely to bring limited success in most cases.  Even if you yourself are brilliant at the sales pitch, you are not duplicatable therefore there is absolutely no guarantee that anyone else pitching your product or service will enjoy the success you do.

Better that you and your team learn how to position yourselves as experts or credible authorities in certain areas.  Do this and you’ll rarely have to pitch a product or service.  People will instead come to you asking for your advice.

Always remember, you’re competing for the same money as just about every other product or service out there.

If you’ve ever visited a fresh produce market, where you purchase fruit and veg, fish, meat, etc, etc.  You will see many suppliers of much the same product in one location.  And yet, somehow, they all make a living.

You need to understand that for the most part you probably operate under much the same conditions. How are you going to get customers to buy your product rather than product from the stall next to you?


By now you may be thinking that unless you have a great product and a celebrity endorsement you stand little chance of success?

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Celebrity endorsements are far from universal and neither are they the whole story in terms of marketing

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