and what we stand for.  We believe this is the quickest way for you to learn about our approach to business and whether you feel we have anything to offer you in building your business(es).

While we tend to work with people in the MLM (network marketing or team marketing) industries. Kim also has a passion about working with people in the alternative and complementary care sectors and has also has a growing client base through her membership of local networking groups.

It has become evident that many in these groups share similar challenges in terms of identifying target customers or prospects, working with them through the sales process, retaining them and communicating effectively with them throughout the whole customer lifetime.

This site is aimed at these groups and the objective is act as an information source on approaches, tools and techniques that we know from our experience can support you.

This site is also a statement of our beliefs about how certain types of businesses ought to be run and why many people, despite their very best efforts, struggle to succeed.  Our views won’t be universally welcome, however we think it important that we are clear about our ethos.



This site offers free no nonsense advice to anyone who in business whatever your size of business.

This site is an information resource  and an integral part of our business building approach.

We actively encourage people wishing to work with us to visit the site, use the resources, learn about who we are

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