ever done for us?”, then you’re not a million miles away from understanding just how daft the question about the Marketing Department was.

In any relatively developed economy it’s a fact that companies continually have to dream up ever more inventive ways of getting us to buy their product or service rather than a competitors.

But hang on, it’s not just as simple as trying to get us to buy one make of car over another. No it’s much more complex than that.  You see, there is a finite amount of disposable income, or credit facilities, which people have access to and so the car manufacturer is competing with the holiday company is competing with the LCD TV manufacturer is competing with.... Well, hopefully you get the idea.

A former Chief Exec of Peter’s, in the UK Life and Pensions industry, once observed:

“Every Saturday morning, millions of people go shopping in high streets up and down the country and they spend untold millions on things they want but don’t need.  We sell things that people need but they don’t want.”

The same can be said of pretty much any product or service sold by most small businesses and/or MLM’s.  Welcome to your reality:

Your potential customers and business prospects don’t need what you’re selling and they almost certainly don’t want it either.

Now, the next big mistake most people or companies make at this point is to jump up and down and start telling anyone they “think” may be listening why their product or service is wonderful. We’ll explore why specifically promoting your product or service is almost certainly the wrong thing to do, later...

Marketing 101

Peter can well remember a conversation from his younger days with some IT colleagues that went roughly along the lines of;

“What have the Marketing Department ever done for us?”

If you’re picturing a scene from a Monty Python movie where they wondered, “What have the Romans

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