find a way for the latest teen pop sensation to promote your funeral savings plans, but only if the money is right of course.

Celebrity endorsements are used by the world’s major brands, and indeed the celebrities use the world’s major brands to enhance and promote their own brand or image. It’s a match made in heaven, or possibly hell.

Whatever your views about celebrity endorsements, it’s a fact of life that they happen.  A whole range of brands use celebrities to enhance the cache of their offerings.  Everything from razor blades, watches, sunglasses, skin-care, cars, clothes, telephone services, insurance products and many more besides have at some time enjoyed the celebrity stamp of approval.

Hopefully you can see that, like them or not, such endorsements do enhance a product or service’s chances of success in the market place?

But ask yourself a question now.  In what direct way does having a celebrity endorsement improve the actual product or service itself?

And yet, if a major star, or better still several stars, were to start using, endorsing and recommending your product or service what would happen?  Do you think you would sell more of your product or service?  If you are building a team and therefore need to recruit team members, do you think recruitment might suddenly get a whole lot easier?

You see, a product or service doesn’t necessarily need to be “the best”, it just needs to be “good enough”.  An average product or service effectively marketed may well succeed where a more superior product or service doesn’t enjoy the same success, or worse fails completely, because of an absence of properly executed marketing strategy.



Here’s a thought for you to consider. Would your product or service benefit from a celebrity endorsement?

Would it be beneficial to have some young female starlet, a Hollywood hunk, or both even, singing about your products’ or services’ benefits?

The marketing industry is very inventive, so I’m certain they could

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